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The leading strengths application organization in the world, Strengths Strategy’s concepts and methodologies are based on 25 years of global research.

We deliver a world class coach training certification program, certifying coaches that comprise a prestigious global community.  We also work with executives and organizational leaders on a one-on-one consulting or coaching basis, and we deliver programs to large groups of employees or teams designed to address particular areas of challenge or to support them in developing their people.

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We have something to be proud of.


Our vision, unlocking the strengths of the world, has led us into 16 cultures globally.



Our approach has been proven by over 5,000 individuals internationally.


We serve a broad spectrum of organizations – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start up ventures, to nonprofit, government, and education institutions.


Return on Investment

Organizations realize as much as a 300%+ return on investment within three to six months after executing our approach.

We are a mix of top tier, internationally renowned trainer coaches, researchers and scientists, a curriculum design team, organizational development consultants, and a community of inspirational people who are driven to create change. We bring world class thought leaders to the table, with extensive backgrounds in experiential learning and strengths, who are making a difference with their innovative approach to talent development.

Their work is substantiated by a brilliant and thoughtful psychometric team, currently publishing white papers around our validated, proprietary measurement tool, the Strengths Effectiveness and Engagement™ Profile. Additionally, we boast a growing community of coaches and consultants certified in our unique strengths application approach.

Steve Jeffs, World-Renowned Leadership Coach and Author Marshall Goldsmith, DeAnna Murphy, and Brent Barnacle at 2014 ICF Middle East Conference in Dubai
Steve Jeffs, World-Renowned Leadership Coach and Author Marshall Goldsmith, DeAnna Murphy, and Brent Barnacle

How we got started

Many people have experienced coach training, Gallup programs, or taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, and then put the content on a shelf, never to look at it again -- saying: “This is great, but what do I actually do with this information?”

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Hesham Diab, Executive Partner at Tragency Middle East and Strengths Strategy Coach Certification Program participant, Brent Barnacle, and Nic Woodthorpe-Wright, ICF Dubai Chapter President

We endeavor to pick up where these programs left off.

Strengths Strategy got its start after coming out of Gallup’s coaching and educational programs, and hearing colleagues and clients echoing sentiments like these: “We have experienced outstanding information, but, have no idea how to apply it. We can’t see how to use the strengths concepts that we learned, and the follow up steps seem unclear.”

We are research-based

This precipitated a burning question: “If your strengths were actually leveraged, what would be the difference?”

Hungry to explore this topic, we commenced research that spanned the globe and lasted more than two decades of collecting information from thousands of individuals, leaders, and organizations around their answers to this question. And what we found was astonishing.

Overwhelmingly we heard from the market that if strengths were applied and maximized, the way people developed relationships would be galvanized, and that people could be and would be operating in careers and roles that were a much better fit for their strengths.

The research suggested that these changes would revolutionize cultures, enhance performance and fulfillment, and the organizations’ bottom lines. Eager to demonstrate progress, we also heard loudly that the market also wanted to be able to see quantitative, measurable results of these changes.

Moved by the desire and need we heard from thousands for this work, we seized the opportunity.  We began to create strengths application content and tools, based on the results of our interviews, over twenty years of coaching, and countless hours of coursework.

We integrated ideas, philosophies, and derivations of tools of some of the world’s keenest minds and most astute experts on leadership and strengths.  We then designed new models designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations today.  We developed a psychometric measurement system to provide quantitative assessment to show our progress in increasing trust, engagement, and teamwork, among other traditionally more qualitative criteria, in addition to a measurement tool to show that we make sure people are in the “right seats on the bus” or the right roles at work.

As soon as we began to leverage our content and tools and measurement with clients, and saw the way in which they quickly created change, created sustainable, high-performing cultures and impacted business results – we knew we developed something incredibly powerful.  We hit the ground running to deliver our work to leaders and organizations across the globe.

Continually validated by our clients, and moved daily by the impact we have in affecting individual’s lives, we’ve never looked back.

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Brent Barnacle with Janet Harvey, former ICF Global President

Why strengths?

We at Strengths Strategy hold that strengths exist so we can help others—and weaknesses exist so that others can help us. The presence of strengths and weaknesses is not good or bad – it makes us human – as every single one of us have strengths and weaknesses.

DeAnna Murphy and Johan Premfors at the 2014 ICF Middle East Conference
DeAnna Murphy with Johan Premfors, owner of Coaches Training Institute Global.

We believe there is an error in the current model of organizational development whereby individuals’ performance plans are often centered on developing areas of weakness and challenge. Rather, we hold and practice that organizations should stop wasting time and money attempting to grow areas of weakness, and instead, focus on maximizing and celebrating people’s areas of strength, and helping people leverage strengths (their own and others’) to mitigate weakness.

We are all about taking the judgment out of strengths and weaknesses and we focus on teaching individuals and teams how to maximize strengths in service of “rendering weakness irrelevant” (as Peter Drucker taught), in order to create sustained superior performance.

“Strengths Strategy’s concepts are huge and global and life-changing – what a difference it makes to work with strengths in this way.”

We are data-driven

We (and you) want proof. We (and you) want to see results.

Strengths Strategy begins every new project with a team or organizational assessment which combines both qualitative and quantitative elements. We start our work with a baseline Strengths Effectiveness and Engagement™ Profile to determine a team’s or an organization’s present levels of strengths use, engagement, performance, and teamwork. That information, along with qualitative interviews, is used to determine a customized strategy for approaching change.

Periodic Strengths Effectiveness and Engagement™ measurements are repeated throughout the journey to track progress, and to determine where to set goals and focus energy. We use ongoing measurements and qualitative interviews to inform and guide next steps, and to ensure that the strategy for creating transformation is based on the most current data and assessment of needs.



From organizations

“The experience of learning to work from my strengths has really changed my approach to my day to day activities at work.  Before Strengths Strategy Discovery, I was spending 30% of day doing activities that energized me.  Today, I would say that I spend about 60-70% of my day on activities that play to my strengths!  Also, this pattern has emerged in our entire work group.   Delegating work, and assigning team members to tasks based on their strengths, has taken hold in our group.  It’s like our team speaks a new language and there is a new undercurrent of us all appreciating what each person brings to the table– as a group we are always looking for ways to maximize the gifts each member has to share”

Carolyn Garcia / Indian Health Services

“My company hired Strengths Strategy to train the executives and managers on the Strengths based process. We found the experience so valuable that we trained every employee. We used the information that we learned to restructure departments, placing managers and employees in areas of their greatest strengths. We also used this tool to hire people with the strengths that we needed for the position. I would recommend this for any company that wants to see the best results in the shortest amount of time.”

Nancy Novick / former CEO Phoenix Health Plan and Abrazo Advantage Health Plan

From coaches

“As a participant in the Strengths Strategy Coaching Certification program, I can speak to its transformational impact from personal experience. The concepts I am learning beyond strengths identification are not only life changing for me personally and among my colleagues in training, but I have seen incredible change and insight develop very quickly with my practicum clients. The application concepts regarding strengths, needs, contributions, and weaknesses; the application tools, a coaching model based on interdependence that establishes such a positive client focus — all translate into a huge differentiator. I can tell you that the “aha!” moments are measurable on the Richter scale!”

Lucy Kelly / Strengths Strategy coaching program participant

“Strategic Strengths Coaching has assisted me in using strengths to coach others to become more effective communicators in our organization.  It has facilitated deeper team building, problem solving and personal development as my employees have learned to apply strengths in practical ways.  I’m better able to empower others to increase their performance through leveraging their strengths.”

Chris Johnson, PHR / Human Resources Director, District 2 Minnesota Department of Transportation

From our coaches’ clients

“By focusing on my strengths, I have found a better way to work with my weaknesses.  Each of the sessions made me feel vulnerable, raw and open… The end result was more than I could possibly imagine!  I learned so much about myself that I never would have figured out on my own.  I used to judge people according to my expectations and then feel frustrated when they didn’t meet my impossible demands.  But now, thanks to using my strengths, I feel completely free of putting my expectations on others….After going through this coaching, I’ve felt an immense sense of freedom and weightlessness.  It has also affected all the other aspects of my life as well!  Suddenly I feel empowered mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally!  I’m a better mom, wife, friend and sister because I know now how to use my strengths to better my relationship with myself and those around me.  I’m thrilled and blown away by the results of the strengths coaching experience!  My coach was perfectly patient, helping me come to conclusions on my own.  This has been an invaluable experience!”

S. / in Virginia

“My Strategic Strengths CoachingTM experience has been nothing short of transformative for me!  It provided instant value, I have been able to apply the new insights instantly to my work.  I had done StrengthsFinder and had written it off as a superficial gimmicky tool. But with the methodology that is being applied here to the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, I now understand how I can work to balance my strengths and turn them from potential liabilities and blind spots to true assets. This work is empowering and inspiring!”

Amy King / Branding Consultant

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