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Engagement at Work: Whose Responsibility Is It?

According to Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace report due out March 7, only one third of the people interviewed described themselves as engaged at work. Gallup describes...


A Different View

This was the sunrise view from my living room window in October. It’s reflected beautifully in the lake and I can just see a peak of color on the...


The ABCs of Being a Winner-Maker

win·ner·mak·er: /ˈwinər mākər/ noun  1. a person who creates conditions that produce wins and winners. You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to recognize that young P.J. Fleck,...


The Gift You Unknowingly Give Every Day

There is a wave quietly sweeping the globe. It steadily grows in stark contrast to the sorrows being created right now in Syria, the atrocities this past year of...

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STOP! Listen to your weakness

How many times, since you were a kid, has someone told you about the need to work on your weakness? I bet the answer is “quite a lot”. I...

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