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If you’re an experienced coach or embarking on your coaching career, we provide new, unique tools and advanced approaches that will make you distinctive and simply more effective with clients.

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“This is the most effective professional development program I’ve ever experienced in all of my career.”

Diana Gabriel

Diana Gabriel

The Strengths Strategy Coaching experience has completely transformed my coaching! It has given me new tools and added a whole new dimension to my coaching which is empowering my clients to achieve their goals more efficiently and powerfully than ever before. Additionally, it has contributed substantially to my own growth and raised the bar on the entire coaching experience.

Bob Roesler

Bob Roesler
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

Strengths Strategy’s approach to coaching leads to statistically significant results:


Increase in engagement


Improvement in productivity


Higher client loyalty


Greater likelihood to be part of a high performing team

Strengths Strategy Coach Certification Program

Do you want to elevate your profile and differentiate yourself as a coach?  Developed by the leading strengths application organization in the world, and based on 25 years of global research, Strengths Strategy’s prestigious Coach Certification program offers world-class training and unique opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

The members of our community of coaches are considered exceptional in their craft – effecting measurable, sustainable, long-term performance change for clients and serving as trusted experts who deliver thought leadership to organizations.

How do we do it?  Our coaches experience a deep dive into the application of strengths, and achieve mastery of the most solid, deep, and engaging material offered by any coach certification program – and our coaches are simply more effective as a result.

Why should you join our community?

When you join Strengths Strategy’s distinguished coach certification program and become a part of our community, you will:

Be more effective

as a coach, in business, and in your professional and personal relationships, when you understand strengths – your own and others. Our coaching program delivers coaches an opportunity to experience exceptional personal transformation that empowers you to live from a place of strengths-focus and abundance that you will bring to your clients.

Experience total immersion

into the application of strengths, unparalleled by any other program. Strengths Strategy will guide you on a deep dive of the “what’s next” of strengths.  You will be exposed to, and will master the most substantial, compelling, and effective material offered by any coach certification program.

Effect measurable performance change

for clients that is sustainable and long-term.  You will see clients’ (and your) performance dramatically shift, leveraging Strengths Strategy’s proprietary quantitative measurement tools.  Clients and teams love the concrete performance metrics that you will provide them to measure their progression and demonstrate your performance.  You will add exceptional value by helping clients land and develop skills that are supportable and enduring.

Build your business

Strengths Strategy offers strategic partnership opportunities for its coaches – opportunities that afford you unique and generous partnership options to grow your career and build and enhance your client base.  You will also learn how to build your network and market yourself by employing our distinctive and effective strategies.

Be a part of

a close-knit, supportive, collegial community of professional coaching peers and extended advisors who support your ongoing learning and growth, and your business. You will develop dependable, nurturing, enduring relationships with like-minded peers desirous to create change.

Elevate your profile

and differentiate yourself as a coach, as a member of Strengths Strategy’s prestigious community of coaches.  You will be considered a master in your craft – a trusted expert who delivers thought leadership about strengths to clients and teams, and who co-authors industry publications. You will experience opportunities to continually enhance your credentials and make your biography more robust.

Make a greater impact in the world

You will build your legacy as an agent-of-change and integral contributor advancing massive, global, universal, and incredibly transformative concepts.  You will make a difference as part of a group of people creating a movement focused on shifting perception from weakness-based to strengths-focused, helping people to grow and thrive, personally and professionally.

Be a coach

who creates change and builds energy for your clients while creating the fastest path to high performance. You will gain rich, unique new strengths coaching skills, powerful techniques and tools, and research-based strategies to leverage with your clients through Strengths Strategy’s world-class coaching program.

Experienced and New Coaches:


Earn ICF CCEs and Resource Development hours to renew ICF credentials or become an ICF Member through Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification Program

Strengths Strategy is honored to be accredited as an ICF Continuing Coach Education Provider. The ICF recognizes Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification Program for providing 35.75 CCEs and 20.75 Resource Development hours for coaches.

Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification provides more benefits for experienced and new coaches, as it delivers advanced coaching skills and and specialist material, while ensuring experienced, credentialed coaches meet the ICF requirements for credential renewal, and helping new coaches to become ICF members.

What this means for you

Strengths Strategy’s CCEU’s can help:

  • Experienced, Credentialed Coaches to renew their credentials by exceeding ICF Professional Development Standards. (To maintain a credential with the ICF, coaches need to complete 40 hours of Professional Development every 3 years. Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification Program provides hours that exceed the requirements for ICF Members to renew their credentials! Additionally, the hours count toward the training requirements for coaches looking to upgrade their credential, i.e. from ACC to PCC to MCC.)
  • New Coaches who have completed at least 25 hours of basic coach training to become ICF Members by helping them to achieve more than 60 hours of coach specific training. (To become an ICF Member, there is a requirement of 60 coach specific training hours.)

In addition to serving the powerful content that has helped coaches feel more confident in their abilities to work powerfully with clients at a deeper level, and to provide coaches with tools that organizational leaders find credible and effective, Strengths Strategy Coach Certification also supports coaches in their relationship to the ICF.

SHRM Members: Earn PDC through SSCC

SHRM-SEAL-Preferred-Provider_CMYK_2015-16_1.0inStrengths Strategy is recognized as a SHRM Preferred Provider – this status means that upon completion of all requirements, Strengths Strategy Coach Certification participants qualify for up to 48.5 Professional Development Credit (PDC) hours to apply to SHRM credentials.

Professional development is critical to help you be at the top of your game, and we are pleased our program is accredited by SHRM (and ICF!) to support your continued learning.

Grow your business with Strengths Strategy’s
Business Development Partner Program

The Strengths Strategy® Business Development Partner (BDP) community gives coaches an opportunity to deepen their coaching skills, further their strengths learning, and grow in genuine partnerships with committed to their development and success. Business Development Partners learn how to develop and grow business around their strengths, and have a personal coach, as well as become a part of action teams that experience Interdependence in deep, new, exciting ways.

Are you inspired to create positive impact?  Want to be distinctive as a coach?  Ready for strategic partnership opportunities to enhance your client base and build a thriving business?  We invite you to join us.  

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Steps to become a coach


Register for a Course

Register for a Course



Complete simple pre-work, including StrengthsFinder 2.0 (full 34 theme report) and Strengths Effectiveness & Engagement assessments



Complete all learning experiences, including:

  • Formal learning requirements: group calls, community conversations
  • Practicum requirements: practicum calls, completing 50 coaching hours with clients/work associates
  • Formal evaluation: written and oral exams
*The coach program is 28 weeks long, and participants have 3 months from the 28-week mark to complete all requirements.



Begin working with individual clients or within your organization as a certified coach

Program Overview

Learn more about Strengths Strategy's Coach Certification program/Read the program overview.

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