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What if we could apply our strengths intentionally to our relationships and teams in service of solving problems, creating new and better ways of doing things, and making revolutionary contributions to the human family? DeAnna Murphy, President and Founder of Strengths Strategy, asks this question and suggests how we can actually achieve this in the forthcoming book Unlocking Strengths – A New Approach to Empowering Performance, Energy, and Relationships.

More people than ever before have taken a strengths assessment and theoretically know their strengths. Yet for most people, there is a huge disconnect between knowing what their strengths are and knowing what to do about them.

Unlocking Strengths teaches people what to do with their strengths. It is about unlocking strengths’ potential—as a tool to accelerate performance, ignite energy, and transform relationships from frustration to fulfillment. It teaches the reader how to practically and effectively apply strengths to increase results in a way that can only be described as life-altering.

This book will show you how to apply strengths—in ways you never thought of before.

  • Increase your confidence about your own strengths
  • Shift your own engagement and performance levels—in your work and in your life
  • Experience deeper, more trusting, authentic relationships
  • Transform toxic interactions with others
  • Release judgment and shame connected to your weaknesses
  • Deliver your one-of-a-kind contribution to the world
  • See how to eliminate frustration in relationships

Download the First Chapter

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