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DeAnna Murphy, founder & President of Strengths Strategy, is an international speaker and expert on topics from Empowering People to Engage Themselves and Turning a Toxic Work Relationship Around, to Establishing Credibility as a Coach through Evidence-Based Strengths Strategy.

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DeAnna is not some heard-it-a-million times, dime-a-dozen speaker. Rather, one experience with DeAnna and you are changed. There’s no going back. She is intense, focused, committed. She is direct but non-judgmental. She creates a safe place to have intriguing conversations that matter. She is an expert in her craft.

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Since 2003, DeAnna Murphy has been sharing her insights on a range of subjects with captivated audiences around the globe, from a premier coach summit in Dubai to the International Chair Academy leadership training conference or corporate boardrooms in Minneapolis.

DeAnna’s reputation as a speaker is based on her unique talent for addressing challenging topics with compassion, candor, intellect and wit.  DeAnna can speak about any of the topics listed here, or about customized topics that most interest your group or event.


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Speaking Topics

Below are the most popular topics DeAnna is often asked to speak about to varied, diverse groups of all sizes, ranging from conference keynotes and large formal gatherings, to workshops and boardroom presentations for executives.

Building Sustainable A+ Zone Teams—a New Strengths STRATEGY Approach

This session will explore how to strategically apply strengths to teams in ways you may have never considered—to overcome the all-too-common prevalence of victimization, siloism, and unhealthy collusion that is so typical of today’s teams.  You will learn the keys to building A+ Zone teams, where the weaknesses of individuals are mitigated by the strengths of the team, and where the team co-creates and intentionally designs conditions for sustaining powerful interdependent synergy.

Participant Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Experientially discover four different ways teams engage.
  • Evaluate how each way contributes (or not!) to sustainable, high individual and team energy and performance.
  • Explore the role of strengths in designing and maintaining strong teams.

Empowering EMPLOYEE-DRIVEN Engagement—a New Strategic Approach

This session/keynote offers a completely fresh look at the somewhat stagnating engagement story, one that has become on all-too-common concern in today’s organizations.  It offers a unique exploration of how individuals can empower themselves (and others) to increase their ownership of, and ability to shift their own engagement experience—to learn how to operate from sustained high energy and performance that benefits them and others.

Participant Outcomes

Participants will be empowered to accelerate engagement of self and others by:

  • Examining the engagement story—and their story (beliefs) about engagement, whose job it is, and how it is supposed to be created.
  • Understanding the conditions under which their engagement flourishes—and how to take responsibility for creating their own conditions (rather than blaming or criticizing others for not doing so)
  • Examining the role of strengths in connection with engagement—including how strengths can contribute, and inhibit their highest energy and performance experiences.

Living in the A+ Zone

This session/keynote will awaken you to your highest energy and performance experiences, how to replicate them, and sustain them.  Not only for you—but those around you!  Living in the A+ Zone will empower you to explore your own strengths and passion in a completely new way, as a compass to guide you toward sustained, superior energy and performance at work, home, and in all parts of your life.

Participant Outcomes

Participants will be empowered to create an A+ Zone way of living as they:

  • Identify their self-created mechanisms for releasing (or inhibiting) A+ Zone experiences.
  • Examine and articulate their deeper “why” and how to use this as an anchor when energy and performance plummets.
  • Create a personalized reference guide to empower them to move from low to high energy and performance when they are triggered, stuck, or frustrated.

Linda Shannon

DeAnna, a thought leader of international stature, is the most talented facilitator of learning that I have ever known.

Linda Shannon / Motivational Program Atendee

Speaker Fee

United States & Canada – $10,000 USD International – $12,000 USD

DeAnna’s Speaker Fee includes consultation sessions leading up to the event. These sessions allow her to customize and prepare your keynote or presentation to best match the subject matter to the objectives of your event.

Engagements are booked two to twelve months prior to the event. The Speaker Fee is not inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses. Payment options are available. Call +1-218-407-7486 or email for more information and upcoming availability.

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