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We know that the most successful and profitable organizations are ones whose employees are the most engaged and inspired to do their work. 

Strengths Strategy’s team of exceptional consultants serve as trusted experts, offering both individual and team learning events, coaching, and development experiences that create measurable results across: engagement, teamwork, trust, energy, and performance.

How do we do it?  We help you and your teams get clarity around your strengths, to understand what drives your success – individually and collectively – so that your people naturally become more engaged, and intrinsically find meaning, purpose and value in their work, and teams can replicate achievement.

We create a sustainable culture for your organization by landing skills that can be applied by your people over the long term – helping them take responsibility for their own engagement.  More, we establish metrics to track your progress and we provide you tools to continue to measure your progress.

We appreciate your organization and your people’s complexity, and we will create a customized approach to meet your needs, developing a solution that is right for your company and your culture.

And while we see your complexity, we also see things simply – and we will develop a straightforward solution and provide you a concrete roadmap for execution.

You will understand exactly how Strengths Strategy and your organization will make it work and the specific, explicit steps, and the proven system to get there.

Strengths Strategy’s approach leads to significant results:


Increase in engagement


Improvement in productivity


Higher client loyalty


Increase in performance


Greater likelihood to be part of a high performing team


Increase in playing to their strengths

Why Partner With Us?

Work with Strengths Strategy and benefit from cutting edge, forward-thinking concepts and work that will revolutionize the way your people engage in work, interact with each other, and do business. You will:

Change team relationships

Change how team members interact with each other, and build relationships with customers.  You will see increased, improved, and enhanced communication through understanding strengths—your own and others.

Be empowered

with tools to create efficiency and performance—which will increase your ability to get the people in the right roles.  Your work with Strengths Strategy will assist you in helping individuals find the roles which leverage their strengths within the context of your real business needs.

Develop skills

that will create sustainable change in your organization and allow you to maintain and manage the change without the help of external consultants.  You will create a sustainable culture for your organization by learning and developing skills that can be practically applied by your people.

Increase customer loyalty

See your customer loyalty increase when you apply strengths in your organization—by as much as 45%.  Your employees will be more fulfilled, more engaged, and more genuinely customer-centric as they see how their strengths create a meaningful difference.

Leverage individual strengths

Discover methods to leverage individual strengths in real, actionable ways, which help you to create efficiencies, & maximize resources, efforts, and investment in your people. Save time, energy, and money spent inefficiently with people not making best use of their time and skills in their roles.

Create innovation

Unleash your organization’s ability to create innovation.  We know game-changing innovation requires vision, courage, commitment, and a close relationship with customers to understand what they really want.  Strengths Strategy’s programs will show your people how to leverage their strengths to create innovation, and how to collaborate effectively.

Structured approach

Experience a structured, analytical approach to change, which is quantified.  Strengths Strategy’s concepts and methodology are distinctive in that we offer a concrete roadmap for our work together, and we provide you tools so you can measure results and see metrics to track your progress.

Return on investment

Realize as much as a 300%+ return on investment within three to six months after executing Strengths Strategy’s approach.  Recuperate your investment and see financial gains as a result of this effective work.

How Strengths Strategy creates lasting culture change

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ICFlogoStrengths Strategy’s Coach Certification program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). These endorsements mean that ICF and SHRM recognize the high caliber of Strengths Strategy’s coach certification curriculum, and that Strengths Strategy’s certified strengths coaches have completed and demonstrated mastery of foundational strengths-based coaching skills and knowledge as recognized by, and compliant with, ICF competencies and SHRM standards.


Strengths Strategy is honored that the ICF and SHRM endorse its program, as we value external validation of both the quality content that individuals and teams experience as our clients, and, the pedigree of our certified, professional coach graduates.

Learn more about our programs and how your organization can benefit from partnering with us

How would your role change if your people felt responsible for their own engagement? What would be different if your team members truly collaborated and saw how their strengths make a meaningful difference? How would business be impacted if your people were inspired and creating innovation? We will help you make this a reality for your team.

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As a result of our partnership with Strengths Strategy, we have seen a marked change in our organization. Leaders are more unified, communication has improved—and overall, the morale and engagement of our entire bank has changed. Our performance continues to accelerate in ways that promote optimism and excitement among our staff.

Joel Johnson, SPHR

Joel Johnson, SPHR
EVP, Director - Human Resources at Sunrise Bank

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