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You do not need to have taken StrengthsFinder 2.0 before viewing Strengths Strategy—The Power of Strengths Use to gain value from the program.

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Whether you are looking to improve your professional or personal performance, energy or relationships, this learning session will accelerate your results! We guarantee it!

Or, perhaps you’ve heard of StrengthsFinder and all the buzz about strengths. Or maybe you’ve taken the assessment, only to ask, “What do I DO with this?”

This 90 minute interactive learning session, Strengths Strategy—The Power of Strengths Use, is the answer to what to DO with strengths, in all the ways that REALLY matter to drive results in your life!

Created by world renowned strengths application expert DeAnna Murphy and delivered by strengths strategist, Lisa Gregory, this session will change your life.

It will awaken you to how your strengths and weaknesses are connected, and how to flip the switch that ensures your strengths show up as strengths, and not as weaknesses. It will show you where to look to really dial up your performance, energy, and relationships–to get the results that matter most to you.

Strengths Strategy experts deliver this learning session live for thousands of dollars. You now have the opportunity to experience it for only $49! We guarantee you will be very pleased with what you gain, so much so that we will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied.

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Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction – Why Strengths
  • Module 2: Results – What Results Can Strengths Create
  • Module 3: Strategic Interdependence Model Part I – What are Dependence and Independence
  • Module 4: Strategic Interdependence Model Part II – What are Codependence and Interdependence
  • Module 5: Understanding Needs – How Do Needs Affect Strengths Use
  • Module 6: Confident Vulnerability – How Do I Create Interdependence
  • Module 7: Strengths Lens – How Strengths Influence My Perspective
  • Module 8: Making It Real – How Does Understanding Strengths Create Transformation


“It was excellent as an opener on digging in deeper to what, how, etc. to help culture grow within a company. Culture is the #1 problem that employees complain about in this time. Very essential.”

T. Gispy

“I felt a personal touch – that this was specific to me. Everyone should experience this for themselves and learn their strengths and discover how optimally to use them.”

Melissa P.

“I enjoyed and was thankful how much I learned in 1.5 hours (yet was not overwhelmed) and that it left me intrigued to do more pondering and mind stretching.” 

“Love the activities and time for self-reflection and sharing.”

Julie W.

“The instructor is talented motivating you to be your best self. She makes you feel at ease quickly and is very trustworthy and authentic.”

“I feel empowered in my personal and professional relationships because of this program. I learned how to create more deep, honest interactions more regularly, and it is transforming my experiences and my contentment with life.”

- Kristen G.

“Highly interactive and thorough.”

“This also gave me insight to be more open to others’ strengths/perspectives.”

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