We empower people who empower others.

Want to motivate, inspire, and create sustained, superior performance in others?

Strengths Strategy gives you the skills, approaches, and tools you need to do just that.

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Coaches or leaders who actively help or manage people often desire to increase individuals’ or teams’ effectiveness, efficiency, and overall sense of fulfillment – yet they often don’t really know how to do it.

Strengths Strategy was formed out of a desire to provide individuals and organizations the keys to creating change in others…and the way we do it is by tapping into strengths.

Strengths Strategy will take you through a structured, analytical, measurable, and replicable process which:

  • changes how individuals interact with each other, and build relationships
  • creates the fastest path to sustainable, high performance
  • drives bottom-line business results by increasing customer loyalty

Our methodologies are founded on a philosophy of data science – driven by 25 years of research, and have been proven by over 5,000 individuals in 28 countries – and our approach contributes to success, leading to statistically significant results.

What our clients see on average:


Increase in engagement


Improvement in productivity


Higher client loyalty


Increase in performance


Greater likelihood to be part of a high performing team


Increase in playing to their strengths

You can motivate, inspire, and create sustained, superior performance in others

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Chris Bruntz

The experience with Strengths Strategy dramatically changed our office. It changed communication for us—making it easier, faster, and better, and has left our office running more smoothly. It has directly enhanced my current relationships and the growth of my business—in fact my monthly gross commissions are up 10.5% since Strengths Strategy trained us!

Chris Bruntz / Edward Jones

Janis Rowberry

This coach certification is remarkably empowering and truly life changing. It has allowed my clients to apply strengths in order to move beyond their challenges—it has led to incredible transformation and deeper interdependence for myself and others.

Janis Rowberry / MSW, LCSW

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