From Coaches

Diana Gabriel

“The Strength Strategy Coach Certification program is the most rigorous and exhilarating training I have received in my 14 years as a certified coach. It is an amazing learning experience.”

Diana Gabriel/ CPCC, SSCC, PCC, Speaker, Facilitator, Author

David Ribott

“I already had over 400 hours of coaching under my belt before Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification Program, but the concepts I learned in SSCC are regularly shared and used with clients, prospective clients, and coaches looking to enhance and deepen their craft. Beyond being impactful as a course of study, and being well designed, it really is corporate-friendly and lends itself to be easily talked about with all post-holders in an organization regardless of their experience with coaching. This is amore advanced coaching certification program, and it is agile enough for non-coaches as a primary coach training program especially for HR / Talent / CSR professionals.”

David Ribott / Ed.D (ABD) Independent Leadership Development Consultant and Director of Communication - ICF Dubai

Bob Roesler

“The Strength Strategy Coach Certification program is the most rigorous and exhilarating training I have received in my 14 years as a certified coach. It is an amazing learning experience.”

Bob Roesler/Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

Janis Rowberry

“This coach certification is remarkably empowering and truly life changing. It has allowed my clients to apply strengths in order to move beyond their challenges—it has led to incredible transformation and deeper interdependence for myself and others.”

Janis Rowberry/ MSW, LCSW

Lucy Kelley

“As a participant in the Strengths Strategy Coaching Certification program, I can speak to its transformational impact from personal experience. The concepts I am learning beyond strengths identification are not only life changing for me personally and among my colleagues in training, but I have seen incredible change and insight develop very quickly with my practicum clients. The application concepts regarding strengths, needs, contributions, and weaknesses; the application tools, a coaching model based on interdependence that establishes such a positive client focus — all translate into a huge differentiator. I can tell you that the “aha!” moments are measurable on the Richter scale!”

Lucy Kelley/ Strengths Strategy coaching program participant

Chris Johnson

“Strengths Strategy Coaching has assisted me in using strengths to coach others to become more effective communicators in our organization. It has facilitated deeper team building, problem solving and personal development as my employees have learned to apply strengths in practical ways. I’m better able to empower others to increase their performance through leveraging their strengths.”

Chris Johnson/ PHR / Human Resources Director, District 2 Minnesota Department of Transportation

Britta Eremit

“The experience of becoming Strengths Strategy Coach changed my life and work completely. It expanded my confidence while in parallel finding the key to living with compassion on a higher level of awareness – with myself and with my clients. The Strengths Strategy approach has the power to transform people and organizations. It touches the deepest and most wonderful places of human beings.”

Britta Eremit

 Jen Glowacki

“SSCC has revolutionized my life from improving the way I handle conflict, to deepening my marriage, to empowering me to take successful career leaps. It has been the best certification course of my life! When I discovered my strengths through Gallup’s Certification Course, I felt like for the first time something was RIGHT with me. I shed tears of joy that I finally saw I had talent and contributions to bring to the world. I spent most of my life trying to bury my talents. Now, I not only have dug them up, but I have polished them into sparkling diamonds with the tools SSCC has given me. Strengths Strategy not only gives you the “why” of Strengths but the “how” of Strengths. Your strengths are only as powerful as the tools you have to leverage them with. SSCC gives you tools that bring results within weeks and sense of empowerment you never dreamed. Seeing my clients come back week after week with complete goals and excitement for life is priceless. Watching people take ownership of their lives with confidence in their strengths and share them with their community, families, and co-workers is the most satisfying feeling on earth.”

Jen Glowacki / Strength Coach

Lyne Tumlinson

“Before my training with Strengths Strategy, my approach to coaching was a bit random, which didn’t work well for clients who function better in a structured and linear program.

As a result of Strengths Strategy’s Coach Certification program, now I have principles, exercises and a framework that I can adapt to any personality, profession, or place in life, that leads my clients to apply their strengths effectively. It’s not enough to simply identify strengths. Knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly about my own strengths, and guiding others to the best use of their own, has exploded my business, helped me sleep better at night and feel great about the positive impact I’m making in the world.

My clients are seeking purpose in their work, a way to correct toxic relationships and environments, and confidence in what they have to offer their team and organization. Strengths Strategy Coaching gives them the right amount of control, with transformative awareness for themselves and others.”

Lyne Tumlinson / ACC, CAE CPBS, Lift Team Coaching, Strengths Strategy Coach and Enthusiasm Infector, Past President, ICF Heartland Charter Chapter

From Organizations

Joel Johnson

“As a result of our partnership with Strengths Strategy, we have seen a marked change in our organization. Leaders are more unified, communication has improved—and overall, the morale and engagement of our entire bank has changed. Our performance continues to accelerate in ways that promote optimism and excitement among our staff.”

Joel Johnson/ SPHR EVP, Director - Human Resources at Sunrise Bank

Chris Bruntz

“The experience with Strengths Strategy dramatically changed our office. It changed communication for us—making it easier, faster, and better, and has left our office running more smoothly. It has directly enhanced my current relationships and the growth of my business—in fact my monthly gross commissions are up 10.5% since Strengths Strategy trained us!”

Chris Bruntz/ Edward Jones

Nancy Novick

“My company hired Strengths Strategy to train the executives and managers on the strengths-based process. We found the experience so valuable! We used the information that we learned to restructure departments, placing managers and employees in areas of their greatest strengths. We also used this tool to hire people with the strengths that we needed for the position. I would recommend this for any company that wants to see the best results in the shortest amount of time.”

Nancy Novick / Former CEO Phoenix Health Plan Abrazo Advantage Heath Plan

“In my 36 years of leadership I have never seen a more comprehensive and effective development experience than we had with Strengths Strategy. Learning to affect performance by addressing people’s strengths and needs has led to a whole new level of success and enjoyment in our work and the people around us. We posted the highest numbers we’ve had in ten years at the end of our first year of working with Strengths Strategy.”

Robert J. Hager/ CEO, Border State Bank

“Since my Strengths Strategy experience, I am more aware of what my strengths are as well as that of my coworkers. I have felt my confidence grow significantly as a result of that awareness, and this has led to a deepened sense of continuity within myself and enhanced teamwork with our group. It has really helped me to understand our team and where I fit.”

Carletta Rhen-Mlodzik/ Director, Food and Materials, LifeCare Medical

“Since our Strengths Strategy experience, I have seen a huge change! Our team is producing 20% better… we are getting work done in half the time and producing excellent results!”

Kate Buchta/ Quality Management Director, Phoenix Health Plan

From our Coaches’ Clients

“My Strengths Strategy Coaching experience has been nothing short of transformative for me! It provided instant value, I have been able to apply the new insights instantly to my work. I had done StrengthsFinder and had written it off as a superficial gimmicky tool. But with the methodology that is being applied here to the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, I now understand how I can work to balance my strengths and turn them from potential liabilities and blind spots to true assets. This work is empowering and inspiring!”

Amy King/ Branding Consultant

“By focusing on my strengths, I have found a better way to work with my weaknesses. Each of the sessions made me feel vulnerable, raw and open… The end result was more than I could possibly imagine! I learned so much about myself that I never would have figured out on my own. I used to judge people according to my expectations and then feel frustrated when they didn’t meet my impossible demands. But now, thanks to using my strengths, I feel completely free of putting my expectations on others….After going through this coaching, I’ve felt an immense sense of freedom and weightlessness. It has also affected all the other aspects of my life as well! Suddenly I feel empowered mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally! I’m a better mom, wife, friend and sister because I know now how to use my strengths to better my relationship with myself and those around me. I’m thrilled and blown away by the results of the strengths coaching experience! My coach was perfectly patient, helping me come to conclusions on my own. This has been an invaluable experience!”

S./ in Virginia

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